“Junk Food”

When I started Priestess school one of the first lessons we had was identifying and removing the junk from our life for one month. We looked at what was no longer serving us and made an honest effort to remove it all while recording and reporting our progress. This can be found in all aspects… Continue reading “Junk Food”

Membership? Why? Who? What?

Ok ok I want you to hear me out on this one. I know everyone has a group program they want you to join, but I bet not many are as affordable and are as ALL-INCLUSIVE as this one. So let’s start about what the membership is. While I was talking to my clients and… Continue reading Membership? Why? Who? What?


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sandi.

I am a High Priestess, healer and Spiritual coach. I spend most of my time with my kids, grandkids and spiritual family. I enjoy talking on my podcast, teaching others and healing liminal souls.

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