Latin Name/Family: Amaranthaceae

Metaphysical Properties: prosperity, abundance, immortality, healing, protection, love, divination, wisdom

Gender - Female
Planet - Saturn

Folklore: Amaranth was sacred to the Aztecs, specifically due to the connection to their Sun God, Huitzilopochitli. It became associated with human sacrifice by the Spanish because the plant was ground into seed, mixed with honey and human blood and shaped into idols before being eaten in ceremonies. The Aztecs believed that it would grant them immortality and Zuni legends suggest that the plant was brought up from the Underworld. Garlands of Amaranth flowers were worn to speed healing and the plant is said to be able to help Spirits cross over to the realms of the Dead.

Medicinal Uses: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, lowers blood pressure, normalizes blood sugar, protects against allergies, reduces cholesterol, enhances digestion & absorption of minerals, protects brain functions
Forms: Oil, Food product (salad greens & grains), Tea 
FUN Fact: Amaranth is a SEED. It is GLUTEN-FREE and can be used like a grain.


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