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Holiday Specials!

Stress Relief Package– 4 – 1/2 Hour Sessions of specialized healing techniques designed to decompress and take away the worries of the day! $60 OFF

Pain Relief Package– 4 -1/2 Hour Sessions focused on the pain points. The pain relief packages is specially designed for those that experience pain and inflammation in joints, muscles, headaches and more! $75 OFF

Monthly Healing Package– 4- 1 hour sessions personally designed to help aid the healing you require. Helps clear mental and physical symptoms and blockages. $80 OFF


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The Awakening the Divine Feminine workshop helped me learn more about myself and contributed to my sense of health and wellbeing.”


While working through the Awakening the Divine Feminine, I recognized somethings that hinder me from moving forward in my life and business. I am getting better at doing nice things for myself.