Spiritual wellbeing, and education all in one place!


A liminal soul is a soul in transition. A soul ready for change and ready for direction. This is where the Liminal Soul Healing comes in, helping searching souls find their divine path through mentoring, education and community. Let me be witness to your greatness.

Heal anxiety, depression, overcome traumas, gain stronger connections in relationships, achieve your goals and achieve greatness!


Services are tailored to each person’s specific needs to help you feel balanced and ready to tackle and achieve your goals!

Courses available to help aid in spiritual development, healing and connecting you to your higher purpose. 

Moonflower Ministry is a school designed around the Divine Feminine and the craft. 

Handmade tools of the craft and offerings available in our shop to help you attain a more focused and positive outcome. 

Our family is a long line of practitioners and we love to come together and create magic and share it with the world! 





Reiki Level 1 Certification-

“This is hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had and I can’t wait to share this with anyone and everyone I can! Thanks Sandi”


Healing Sessions and Pet Healing

“Sandi has worked with me for over two years. In addition to yoga classes and reiki sessions, She has helped my dog and identified a problem a full 6 months BEFORE the vet did.”