Moonflower Ministry 

Welcome to Moonflower Ministry. 
This is a community of spiritual souls looking to explore and learn more about magick, holistic arts, pagan and goddess traditions and more!
Learn skills from our highly skilled team, take a class, join our book club, meet up at Sacred Sister Circle and more..
Moonflower Ministry is a Temple of the Mother and has FREE Membership.

Included are: 
  • live classes 
  • book club
  • monthly discussions
  • full moon rituals
  • priestess classes
  • spiritual connections and more..

Are you in need of healing? Reach out with your requests, so that we may pass them along to our Healing Temple.

Meet the Team

HP Sandi Santiago
High Priestess Sandi is an Ordained Minister and Cleric of the Goddess and Pagan path. She has been practicing since birth, growing up with Pagan family.
She knew at 4 she was destined to be a High Priestess and help heal and teach others.
She specializes in Energy, Vibrational Sound healing, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling and practices in the grey.

Hey! I'm Jayme and I've been a practicing Pagan for more than 30 years. I identify mostly as a Hedge Witch and work intimately with plants and their energies, while using their gifts to craft tinctures, salves, spell jars, teas and wild-crafted materials for myself and others who need them. I've been a Master Gardener for a long time and have been a self-taught wild forager for the past  5 years. I'm very excited about sharing my knowledge with others and teaching people how to connect with and work with plants.