October 16, 2023   |   Read Online

Our hearts are heavy this week,
We are grieving for the loss of innocent lives and for all of those around the world currently living in fear, sadness, and grief. Taking the time to sit with, and process our emotions in light of all the terrible news has been a big part of our practice and we’re finding peace and comfort in human connection, knowing that we’re not alone during this tumultuous time. This has always been a safe space for our cosmic baddies and always will be ❤️.
Sitting in the heart of the eclipse (with all of its chaotic energy), plus being in the midst of intense world events, feels like the perfect storm to bring up uncertainty and fear. But the best thing you can do to regulate your feelings (especially with Scorpio season coming up) is to focus on your body, your emotions, and the things that you can control, in order to show up with radical, revolutionary, and rebellious love and compassion.
(Scorpio Moon: Monday)
On this Scorpio Moon day, we’re accepting the invitation to feel our emotions deeply in order to understand what’s beneath the surface. The solar eclipse likely brought up some revelations and it’s okay to take some time to reflect and process. There may be feelings of vulnerability or fear bubbling, but take this as an opportunity to be empowered by your emotions and confident in expressing them (respectfully and healthily, of course).
(Sagittarius Moon: Tuesday, Wednesday)
This Sag moon is coming at the perfect time (thanks, universe 💕). We’re getting a fresh dose of optimism and hope, which is great for exploring new perspectives as well as your existing mindset. Sagittarius offers the opportunity for a “zoomed-out” perspective and this would be a great time to ask yourself, “what helps me get out of my own head?” In conjunction with the Libra Sun, be aware of your tendency for gossip or loose lips — slow down so you can be mindful in your communication and ensure that your words actually communicate how you feel.
(Capricorn Moon: Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
These next few days are for accomplishing tasks and checking things off the to-do list — that Cap energy will have you feeling diligent and (bonus!) finding stability and comfort while we’re in the heart of the eclipse. Harnessing this practical energy to clear out clutter will feel soooo good, but just make sure you’re still making time for joy, pleasure, and play…it is the weekend after all 💖.
(Aquarius Moon: Sunday)
The Aquarius moon has us entering our focused-girl era 👏Once again, with all the instability of the eclipses, fixed energy, focus, and intentional follow-through are sooooo welcome. As we’re meant to be spending this week sorting through any revelations that came up during the eclipse, the Aquarius energy is especially helpful when it comes to processing sticky emotional issues with more clarity. Look out for obsessive tendencies or hyper-fixations — open your eyes, zoom out, and broaden your perspective.


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