I want to share a little about how we heal. First off we need to understand the 4 bodies of Energy
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual 
When one of these areas is not in balance we as a whole are unbalanced. I have always been fascinated by the total connection of the energy systems and studied extensively to help better understand and help imbalances.

I started Liminal Soul Healing to help offer aid to those looking for a balanced life. 

We Offer:
  • Healing Services to help identify and fix Physical Imbalances
  • Courses and Coaching for Mental Blockages and Traumas
  • Community for our Emotional Support
  • And Moonflower Ministry to Help the Spiritual-Self Grow in a safe and loving environment 
Education is the most important thing we can gift ourselves. I love to offer classes, workshops, events and more to help aid in our path.

We try to keep everything available to everyone and most workshops are pay what you can. 

Join us in February and show yourself some support and love. Check out our shop for some amazing hand made items and tools for you February Self-Love Journey!

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  1. This is so amazing and I find it fascinating too. I'm definitely seeing how different imbalances in these systems manifest as different issues and obstacles in my life and how clearing them results in timeline jumps forward, especially with the crazy energy waves happening around us right now. It's worth it to work on clearing the blocks in all of the systems.

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