Here are some great points about attending an online event with us. While yes you can watch recorded videos of Sound Baths and Circles, there is something more magical about attending the live events.

  • First off, the live interaction is unmatched. Participants are able to ask questions, request certain sounds, use the time for their current intentions, struggles, or goals and share their experiences in real-time - it all makes the session so personal and engaging.
  • Then there's the sense of community. I love how live events create a shared experience that's both comforting and enriching. We're all in it together, even if we're participating from different locations. Many times, facilitators will ask for feedback or reactions afterwards. You get to share and listen to the others' insights -- many times you hear experiences you otherwise wouldn't have picked up on!
  • One element that really stands out is the synchronization. There's something truly powerful about everyone experiencing the same sounds simultaneously. It creates this collective energy that's hard to explain, but incredibly uplifting.
  • I also appreciate the adaptability of live sessions. You have this ability to adjusting the flow and intensity of the sound bath based on the group's vibe, which makes each session feel custom-made for the participants.
  • Your guidance and support throughout the session is a huge benefit too. Knowing there's someone to help if any emotional or physical reactions makes it all the more reassuring.
  • Lastly, I have to mention the freshness and unique element. Every live sound bath brings new sounds, combinations and experiences, keeping the online session dynamic and exciting.


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