Jayme is blessing us this week with her Plant spotlight on Apples!

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Latin Name/Family: Malus domestica/Rosaceae

Metaphysical Properties: abundance, love, afterlife
creativity, longevity, fertility, luck, divination

  • Water
  • Venus
  • Feminine
Folklore: According to Norse mythology, the goddess Idunn fed young apples to the other deities to help them remain immortal. When Loki stole her apples, the gods lost some of their power until Idunn’s magical apples were returned.

Apples were used in old divination practices, such as in seed-reading and apple peeling. Young women preparing to marry would peel an apple in a single strip, throw the peel over her shoulder and look to see what letter was formed. The initial would be the letter of her future husband. 

Medicinal Uses: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterol, immune-boosting, improved digestion, reduce stroke risk, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, fight infection, urinary tract health, draw out toxins 
Forms: tea, poultice, juice infusion, powdered pectin,  raw or cooked (fruit)
Note: Apple seeds are toxic in high doses - AVOID


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