Serving Others Creates Wealth
I saw this today and was sharing it with my marketing community and it got me thinking, when I was trying to figure out this business game I was making it so hard on myself.

We tend to overthink about how we can be successful when in all honesty success is build on service.

As a healer you would think this would come naturally when thinking of how to make what I love a business. 

Problem is healers and others start to look at the business part and freak out. How will I get clients? How will be able to afford hiring someone to help? etc..

We forget to serve ourselves and allow grace in. When that happens we stop serving others. We stop giving them our authentic healing abilities. 

We focus so much on the success in terms of money, we start to serve our pockets not the clients. Clients feel that energy. 

They notice when you're not serving them and are just going through the motions.

Be present and serve others in the moment and redefine what success looks like for you.

What are your Hierarchy of Values? How are you wealthy? How can you take that information and reach to the top of your goals?

Much Love and Much Success In Life,

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