For over 20 years I have been helping tired and overworked people heal, find peace, mental clarity and rediscover who they are!

A liminal soul is a soul in transition. A soul ready for change and ready for direction. This is where the Liminal Soul Healing comes in. I help searching souls find their divine path through spiritual coaching, education and community. Let me be witness to your transformation.


Sacred Wellness sessions help guide you along as you discover your inner light and strength. Stop standing in your own way, raise your vibrations and take hold of what is already yours. We come from simplicity, so why are we always complicating things? Let’s get those blockages out of the way and simplify the path to greatness.

Helping others find their voice and live authentic and fulfilled lives is the mission.

It’s Not Selfish to love and take care of yourself and make yourself a priority! IT’S ESSENTIAL!

Courses available to help aid in spiritual development, healing and connecting you to your higher purpose. Explore the Divine Feminine, get certified in Reiki, dive deep into Chakra Healing for Healers or learn Spiritual skills in our Spiritual Warrior Group.

Complete care for body, mind and spirit

  • Shop for body, mind and craft care
  • Sacred Wellness sessions to make the shifts required to move forward
  • Courses to help deepen knowledge of self, abilities and practice
  • Guest Healers!