The Liminal Soul Healing

Community Healing 

Bringing the community together with healing offerings such as Sound Baths, Sacred Sister Circles, Classes and More!

Self-care begins with courage

Build strong foundations and a build stable and successful life!

Spiritual Warriors members learn how to create healthy habits and boundaries to help aid and guide them towards attaining their goals helping them live authentic lives.

Be the hero you always needed. It's hard to hear we choose our lives when our lives are not what we imagined for ourselves. Let's change that and create a life you love to live and proud of bragging about.
Our spiritual warriors group has a built in community chat if you would like to share or reach out for support. You are never alone in your journey.
Enjoy monthly healing sessions, weekly course lessons and more!

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Meet Sandi Santiago


Sandi Santiago

For over 20 years I have helped people heal their stress, mental fog, trauma responses, mental and physical blockages.
A liminal soul is a soul in transition. A soul ready for change and ready for direction. This is where the Liminal Soul Healing comes in. I help searching souls find their divine path through sacred healing, education and community. Let me be witness to your transformation. 

I love to mix modalities to create a complete personal healing program for my clients. 
I myself have healed through autoimmune issues, mental fog, stresses of life, trauma both physical and mental and depression. 
This has enabled me to help heal others with compassion and understanding. 

I am trained in many different healing modalities, as well as spiritual wellness. I am and Ordained Minister, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Certified EFT practitioner and Yoga Therapy instructor.
I come from a long line of healers and spiritual practitioners and love what I can offer those in need.

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