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Self Love Oil for Anointing (Skin Safe)

Hand brewed from herb-steeped Cosmetic-grade Jojoba Oil and infused with Essential Oils to draw focus to Full Awareness of, Acceptance of and Deep Love of Self 

Purpose - To direct energy towards the Full Acceptance, Love and Celebration of all of the beautiful parts that make us who we are

1. Orchid Oil (in Jojoba)
2. Witch Hazel Oil (in Jojoba)
3. Rose Hips Oil (in Jojoba)
4. Pine Resin oil (in Jojoba)
5. Calendula Oil (in Jojoba)
6. Pansy Oil (In Jojoba)
7. Neroli Essential Oil
8. Rosemary Essential Oil
9. Rosewood Essential Oil

How to Use-
(if using on skin - test first by rubbing a small amount on arm to test for reaction)
1. Apply 1-2 drops to back of wrist or neck & focus on bringing calming, loving energy into your body

2. Apply 1-2 drops to a candle & focus on charging the candle with loving, calming energy that can be diffused towards Self-Love and Care when the candle is burned