Are Magical Tools Necessary?

I keep seeing posts from those new to the craft asking questions about the type of material their altars should be or how to properly set up sacred spaces, which tools should be used or what words or gods and goddesses should be envoked.

Is all of this necessary? Well actually no. None of it actually matters. What does matter is intention. While ceremony is beautiful and is traditional for some pagan sects, it is not required or necessary to produce very real and beautiful magic.

The magic comes from what feels natural and the intention of the practitioner. Tools are often used as a way to help hone in on the intention, but can also be overwhelming and distracting to a new practitioner. Work with what you have and simplify the process in the beginning. There is no need for the ceremony unless the ritual is formal and with your group, coven or order.

Get comfortable with your abilities and the process, then add the rest! Much love to you all new and advanced. We are all on our own path and we are all doing great things!


HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden

Lessons on Magic

Lessons Now Happening

I am not a huge social media person, which actually may be a blessing, but I have friends that are. I am on a few social media sites for work purposes mostly and run our site on Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t look up groups and such when it comes to witchcraft.

I know it is now trendy to be spiritual and witchy, but trends tend to take the ethics and meaning out of what is being shown. I had a friend send me a link to a social media post where the trend is cord cutting. So the post shows it as string tied to two candles and burning them and setting intention and that is it.

First off I was seriously shaking my head that this is what people think cord cutting is. They never went into the fact it is the emotional and energy cord that needs to be cut or how to do that. They made some fancy pretty demonstration and that’s it.

Now not to get off topic or all in a rage about uneducated witches, but that is why I am writing this post. First off magic is personal. You use your own judgment and energy. Paying someone else to do the job for you will only result in diluted possibly unwanted outcomes.

Next, my role as a High Priestess is to educate and mentor others, so I have chosen to offer some basic lessons on crafting to help those that want to learn and understand how to plan and create beautiful outcomes.

I will not be giving you spells or rituals, instead I will teach you how to create your own as well as the ethics, and some lessons on exploring and working on your talents.

If you are interested in learning the 101 of magic, register for a my live zoom classes on Thursday night’s starting at 7pm.

You can register HERE