Blessed Wednesday

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. The weather has been just so lovely here in Virginia. I actually had a few good hair days 😄

A few things are new and coming up!

Mother’s Day is around the corner don’t forget to grab some of our Spring Collection of blessed bath ritual items. Awakening The Divine Feminine is available now! Reconnect with your inner goddess and work with 4 during your journey.

Book of the month thus month is a great one. Let’s Become The Witch in May!

Becoming the Witch: The Art of Magick

Sunday group calls to discuss our reading and our lessons.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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The Psychic Witch Book Review

In February we read the Psychic Witch in our book club, and at the end of every month we do our review. Our book club consists of people old to the craft, new-comers, and have some that are in the middle.

Every Sunday we get together to discuss the chapters we read that week. This book started out great. We were all so excited. The first two weeks we just kept going on and on about the exercises and what they were like when we each tried them out. Some we want to go back and do again and other were ok but still good.

This book is great in the fact that I feel the author to be very educated in the traditions of witchcraft and psychic abilities. He seems to have more confidence and excitement and maybe even more experience as a psychic. He talks about connecting to your senses and learning how to tune in to each, to feel what each one has to show you. Those were definitely my favorite of the exercises.

Where the book loses is me is after chapter 5. It seems like it takes a hard turn to witchcraft and doesn’t seem to blend psychic abilities and exercises beyond this point. I did enjoy learning his take on the craft, but at that point the book just lost me.

The group felt the same way. We gave it an honest chance kept pushing through but in all we were ready to be done by the last week.

Our over all ratings and feeling are as follows:

Would we recommend it for beginners?- Yes

Would we pick this book up again?- Yes

Letter Grade Rating-B

All in all it was enjoyable. Definitely not a wasted effort. If you have shown an interest in this book and wondered if you should give it a shot, my answer is yes. No matter where you are in your practice there will be something for you in there.

If you are interested in joining our book club or have a book recommendation please email me at

Check out our website to see what we are reading and join the fun!

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Book Club Book For March

The Four Elements of the Wise: Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Next month we will be reading The Four Elements of the Wise: Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

We are almost finished discussing Psychic Witch for this month. I will post my review next week and then podcast our last book club meeting with everyone’s thoughts.

If you are interested in joining our book club , message me for Zoom meeting details. We meet every Sunday afternoon and have some really insightful and great conversations.

Moonflower Ministry students gain deeper access to the book teachings as we practice together. If you are interested in joining our school message me for a discounted membership price.

Hope you all enjoyed the Snow Moon. We will be working on New Moon offerings to add to the shop for this month.

Much Love to you all

HP Sage Moonmaiden

January Book Review

I have got to say this is going to be a quick review of the Shakti Woman. It was a book I have read in the past for Priestess school, and I remember now why I did not pick it back up. It was not a book I thoroughly enjoyed when I had to read it the first time and I struggled again this time.

She does go into many cultures and shaman traditions and history very nicely. The book has some great references and definitely will make me want to look up more. The book goes into the female shaman and how her body connects with the earth and elements, planets and animals etc.. All very lovely. Learning to trust your intuition and just really listening to the environment around you. It gets deeper than that, however what I have a hard time getting past are some of the imposed theories. I sat with strained eyes just feeling like I was not connecting at all and just finally allowed myself to put the book down.

So while I looked at the book on my shelf and wondered why did this book stand out to me, well it needed to be reviewed again so that I may rehome it off the shelf of my favorite spiritual books to a different shelf for future referencing. I am sure in a few more years I will pick it up again and who knows maybe this time I will love it. It’s Happened before.

I do suggest if you are into female shamanism definitely pick it up and try it out. Many of my Priestess sisters enjoyed the book and gained much insight from it.

Next month is Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation by Mat Auryn.

If you are interested in joining in on our book club for February, pick up a copy and join us every week as we discuss our readings and exercise results.

Please reach out with any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.