Personal Spell

I am sitting at home for the next few days working on some magic and taking some down time.

I am doing reading for the Order and making some ritual tools. Since I am here and already in the throws of making magic I’d like to offer a few services of a Priestess.

Would you like a personal spell kit made for you? How about a 3 card reading ( since I have my cards out) or qn energy reading?

I always love to offer my services while my energy is high!

Purchase a three card reading in the shop, sign up for an energy reading in our services or a ritual kit or personal spell kit in our shop!

Enjoy the day make big goals and let’s work on achieving them!

Ritual at the Beach

This past Friday I met up with a good friend of mine, that has never done a ritual before, to do a full moon ritual.

We went down to the beach and watched the sunset and waited for the moon to rise. I went over what we were going to do while we waited.

I brought a mini Ritual kit with me and it was perfect! The handmade paper held up nicely in the breeze and allowed me to write on it without flipping around. I gave her a piece of paper and brought her a candle, brought my crystals and a shell from the sand and set my intentions.

The moon came up and it was perfect! The best part was my ritual spell worked almost instantly. I got home and one of my intentions was instantly waiting for me!

If you are interested in a mini kit we still have a few in the shop. They come with extra goodies not listed picked just for you!

Blessed from the Altar

This weekend my beautiful family will be working on our Blessed from the Altar Collection. You will soon notice new items in our shop designed to enhance magical energies and help aid in crafting. The energy we share is unstoppable and together we are going to put together a beautiful collection to be enjoyed by fellow spiritualists. I can’t wait to get going on this weekend’s projects! Hurry up 5pm!