How I heal Others

Stress and overworking ourselves causes a mix of issues from fatigue, mental drain, feeling numb, and physical and emotional blockages.

I help people combat those issues using a mix of modalities to help the physical and mental stress.

This week I worked a few clients and while each client had different major results they all left feeling calm and rested.

Some of their ailments were fatigue, headaches, body numbness and mental fog, and body joint pains. All of them benefited from energy and vibrational healing in their own way this week and I must say their feedback the next day just makes me smile.

Healing and helping others has always been my life’s goal. The fact that I get to do it is just still amazing to me!

Retrograde is here and I know we are all feeling it, myself included. Remember to look at retrogrades as a time for reviewing, revising, resting and rejuvenation. Take some down time and practice some self-care.

Have a great rest of the week.

Much Love,


“Junk Food”

When I started Priestess school one of the first lessons we had was identifying and removing the junk from our life for one month. We looked at what was no longer serving us and made an honest effort to remove it all while recording and reporting our progress.

This can be found in all aspects of your life. We are detoxing from things that no longer belong in our life, the things that hold us back and distract us from our goals and healthy habits and boundaries.

What are these thing to you? For me it was Social Media, the News, Excessive shopping, Mindless Eating and letting my boundaries slide.

So much can build up and quick that by the time we realize it we feel overwhelmed and defeated. Don’t worry though because you can push through and remove the “junk food” from your life. You are not alone.

Make a list of what consumes your peace and your time. Prioritize the list. Is this list getting you closer to the life you want to live? Is it expressing your authentic passions and personal goals? Changes need to be made in order to achieve our goals, otherwise we would all be exactly where we need and want to be. Change is uncomfortable and scary but it’s not unattainable.

Are you ready to remove the “junk food” and work toward a better more peaceful future?

I know I am.

Much Love


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When You Feel Like Life Isn’t Moving Fast Enough

I have been seeing a reoccurring theme lately among the coaching community and my clients. It seems a lot of the reasoning behind why people feel like they are failing is because they aren’t seeing dramatic changes overnight.

They work hard and put out their work, but then the work seems to fall flat. Thy aren’t millionaires overnight and they can’t quit their day job. It seems like others are able to make it happen so why can’t they?

The thing is though is that we are in the process of part of the goal. The process is different for everyone. Some need more work on their mental drama and some need more work on their skills or communications.

I know for me my time line felt like it was moving a snail’s pace. I just could not seem to be High Priestess fast enough or open my own space quick enough. But the thing is those things were moving fast. it only took me a two years out of my five year plan to make it happen.

When we are in the depths of the process we do not see how far we have come. So my suggestion is this, take a step back and look at where you were on this journey this time last year. What has changed? How far have you actually gone?

We don’t want to rush the process. take your time and do it right. Trust in the work and believe in yourself and if you are truly passionate about your project DON’T QUIT.

Amazing things take time. No Mud No Lotus.

Much Love,


New Moon Cleansing Workshop

Next Thursday is the new moon in Leo!! What does this mean? Well a few things.

The new moon in Leo sends us a message of daring and courageous acts.

Take the time and see if you are pleased with the path you are on right now. With Leo coming to spread playfulness, confidence and romance, look at your life and see where it could be improved.

For new moons I always create cleansing rituals designed around where the moon is in the zodiac. This is a perfect time to write down your intentions and goals. Write down how you plan on accomplishing them and what you want as a result. Write what no longer serves you on your journey and how you plan to rid yourself of it.

Take your desires hold them in your hand and envision them. Can you see it come to fruition?

Create your ritual and send it out into the universe.

I am hosting a FREE Cleansing Ritual Workshop coming up in the Facebook Group on Wednesday July 27th if you are interested in learning how to create your ritual and how I do mine. It’s a fun way to get together and create something unique to just you!

If you are interested in joining us make sure you are part of the Facebook group and then join us here for the event! Don’t forget to get your ritual worksheet before we start!

Much Love,


Taking It Slow

I wanted too share a few thoughts I had about a recent email I received from one of my coaches as a reminder to slow down in life. This reminded me to give space to those I work with but not just them, also myself.

This really got me thinking I am a person that always acts fast on my project ideas and lately have been telling myself to slow down.

I think it is kind of cool that the universe would have my coach send that message right when I needed the kick in the butt reminder.

Often when we rush into things we tend to overlook details and this causes the projects to turn out sloppy and unfinished. This creates more work for us in the long run because now we have to go back and tweak the ideas and details.

Remember how we do one thing is how we do everything. If we rush through life, a few things will happen.

1.We don’t live in the moment and we stop enjoying the process

2.We put out rushed quality projects

3.We don’t allow ourselves to fully bring the idea to a complete plan of action and look at all the angles and details. There may be a better way to approach something, but we rushed and now need to backtrack preventing us from moving forward with the project.

4.This can cause us to Spend unnecessary time, money and energy

Make time for your ideas to come to a full well rounded plan before acting. Feel great about the product and then make your offerings to the world.

Much Love,