Retrograde Is Coming

Tuesday May 10th we go back into Mercury Retrograde! 😬

I think we have all just been through enough at this point, don’t you?

I am offering a few things in honor of our sanity 🤯

Check out my new schedule of offerings to you! Enjoy some of my services at discounted and free prices! Coaching is FREE on Coaching Wednesdays!

Discounted Tarot Tuesdays and as always Meditation Mondays on my podcast the WitchyLifeCoach. Use discount code TUESDAY when buying an intuitive reading from the shop to gain a $5 discount.

Make sure to check the Facebook Group The Liminal Soul and your email for coaching login information and live tarot readings!

Retrograde is a time of self-healing and resetting. Learn a little more about yourself and study. Take one of my courses or join in on the live events and let’s keep each other from going crazy 🤪

As always if you have any questions please email me

Much Love ❤️


P.S. If you would like more information about private coaching for yourself or holistic business, sign up for a coaching consult

Personal Spell

I am sitting at home for the next few days working on some magic and taking some down time.

I am doing reading for the Order and making some ritual tools. Since I am here and already in the throws of making magic I’d like to offer a few services of a Priestess.

Would you like a personal spell kit made for you? How about a 3 card reading ( since I have my cards out) or qn energy reading?

I always love to offer my services while my energy is high!

Purchase a three card reading in the shop, sign up for an energy reading in our services or a ritual kit or personal spell kit in our shop!

Enjoy the day make big goals and let’s work on achieving them!