Membership? Why? Who? What?

Ok ok I want you to hear me out on this one. I know everyone has a group program they want you to join, but I bet not many are as affordable and are as ALL-INCLUSIVE as this one.

So let’s start about what the membership is. While I was talking to my clients and listened to my peers I noticed that it seems like if you want help working around yourself and have support to heal and grow and move forward, you need to spend thousands of dollars.

WHAT?! Now I get it I understand that time is money and we all work hard and get the proper education etc. I also understand the concept of you get what you pay for and that if I hurt your wallet you may actually take yourself seriously and do the work.

I have designed this group membership to help create an affordable community to help provide anyone healing and guidance and the option to receive it. I don’t believe in making someone take out a loan to receive guidance and healing. This membership is perfect for those that don’t really need the 1on1 sessions, but still want the benefits of creating healthy habits, boundaries and reaching their goals.

Live authentically and be celebrated for who you are. Connect with me and others in our app designed to help you along your path. Receive 1 live group call with me weekky and keep on track towards your success. Gain access to workshops and events that are designed to help you succeed. Members always receive discounts on all outside courses, certifications, workshops and 1on1 sessions.

Soo… big question how much is the membership? Go find out here

I am so freaking excited to offer this!

Let’s heal and help as many as we can!

Much Love


How Does Sacred Wellness Help You?

I am sitting here thinking about the new challenge I am working through with my coach and group.

Question is what do my Sacred Wellness Sessions help with?

My goodness I feel like there are 100 different things running through my mind and picking just one thing seems silly.

Then I realized that this is what I help people overcome, this exact thing.🤯

I help people realize their personal power to help them overcome anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. People that are not sure if they are coming or going.

People that need to move past traumas that keep them from moving forward.

I help people simplify the process so they can achieve their goals faster.

The Sacred Wellness process uses the many different modalities I personally use to help myself and my business.

So what is the next step? 🤔

Helping my clients streamline their own self-growth process and help them become successful and confident.💫

What are your thoughts?

Much Love

HP Sandi

P.S. If this seems like a program you could benefit from, set up a discovery session with me and let’s see if we are a good fit!

Awakening the Divine Feminine Is Back!

We are back! I am so excited to offer this again. This workshop has sold out everytime I have offered it. This time I have updated how it is being offered.

In the past this workshop was offered only in person. With technology advancing I am able to offer this workshop digitally.

We work for four weeks together to reconnect with the inner goddess that has been sleeping. Step outside your life titles and ignite that inner fire! 🔥

Every week we work with a different goddess to guide us on our intimate journey within. Schedule a weekly live coaching call with me and if you are inclined, connect with others working through their journey in our private community.

Journal your journey, create personal rituals, create a working relationship with four powerful goddess and rediscover the one sleeping inside you. ♥️

If you are ready for self-care and reconnection, let’s get started! Register before Mother’s Day and save $50.

Join Now



January Book Review

I have got to say this is going to be a quick review of the Shakti Woman. It was a book I have read in the past for Priestess school, and I remember now why I did not pick it back up. It was not a book I thoroughly enjoyed when I had to read it the first time and I struggled again this time.

She does go into many cultures and shaman traditions and history very nicely. The book has some great references and definitely will make me want to look up more. The book goes into the female shaman and how her body connects with the earth and elements, planets and animals etc.. All very lovely. Learning to trust your intuition and just really listening to the environment around you. It gets deeper than that, however what I have a hard time getting past are some of the imposed theories. I sat with strained eyes just feeling like I was not connecting at all and just finally allowed myself to put the book down.

So while I looked at the book on my shelf and wondered why did this book stand out to me, well it needed to be reviewed again so that I may rehome it off the shelf of my favorite spiritual books to a different shelf for future referencing. I am sure in a few more years I will pick it up again and who knows maybe this time I will love it. It’s Happened before.

I do suggest if you are into female shamanism definitely pick it up and try it out. Many of my Priestess sisters enjoyed the book and gained much insight from it.

Next month is Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation by Mat Auryn.

If you are interested in joining in on our book club for February, pick up a copy and join us every week as we discuss our readings and exercise results.

Please reach out with any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.