New Moon

During the New moon we are that New again. So obviously it is the perfect time to start New things! Manifest, cleanse, cut your hair etc..

Remove the unnecessary and plan and manifest what you wish to accomplish over the next months. Record your intentions and work. This will help you keep track of your progress later.

During the full moon you can look back and see how it’s manifested. It’s It’s great time to purge your closet trim the dead from your hair and cleanse the house and tools.

Do you have a favorite new moon ritual? Share it with me!

Much love and blessings

HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden

New Moon In Virgo

New Moon rituals are a great time for manifestation and new beginnings. This New Moon is in the Moon sign of Virgo. This mean that it is a perfect opportunity to focus our manifestations on health, self-care and our desired schedules.

It’s also on a Monday this month which is perfect because Monday is the day for healing,compassion, fertility, psychic awareness.

Design your ritual around your manifestation. Are you looking at manifesting a new self-care or health schedule? Project with a good affirmation, I create health and healing into my life, is one. No matter what your words are make it true.

The most important thing about manifestation is intention and belief. You have to wholeheartedly believe what you are putting out in the universe.

Next step is to put it into the physical world. You can wish things into existence. If you are looking for better health start living healthier. See yourself as a healthy person and act accordingly.

Creating a peaceful and serene space for yourself to retreat to is one way to give yourself daily peace. It doesn’t have to be a while room, maybe just the corner or the top of a shelf or your dresser.

While doing your ritual include colors for Virgo brown for grounding, green for growth and renewal, black and gray are also Virgo colors which are also perfect for New Moon rituals.

End your ritual with a light snack and a little self-care. Record your efforts and let’s see your progress come the Full Moon!

Happy Crafting! If you are in need of supplies check out our shop or message me what personal ritual needs you are looking for and we can put a kit together for you.