Awakening the Divine Feminine Is Back!

We are back! I am so excited to offer this again. This workshop has sold out everytime I have offered it. This time I have updated how it is being offered.

In the past this workshop was offered only in person. With technology advancing I am able to offer this workshop digitally.

We work for four weeks together to reconnect with the inner goddess that has been sleeping. Step outside your life titles and ignite that inner fire! 🔥

Every week we work with a different goddess to guide us on our intimate journey within. Schedule a weekly live coaching call with me and if you are inclined, connect with others working through their journey in our private community.

Journal your journey, create personal rituals, create a working relationship with four powerful goddess and rediscover the one sleeping inside you. ♥️

If you are ready for self-care and reconnection, let’s get started! Register before Mother’s Day and save $50.

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New Year New Course New Goals

So we are embarking on a 2022! This year I am making a new resolution and one I am sure I can stick with. This year I will be picking a book to read with you and review. I love to read and often do for study purposes, as well as, for pleasure.

I am also always looking for new things to read up on and would love suggestions. The books I will be reading will be books based on magic, the goddess, gender reconciliation, and anything in that realm. We are going to start this year with a book I have read before but would like to revisit. Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble. If you are interested in joining me in reading this book connect with me!

This book is also the book we will be discussing in Moonflower Ministry School. If you are unsure of what the school is about check it out! We learn and discuss different things such as books, magic lessons, questions, ideas and more!

I have added a new course available to all and especially for Moonflower Ministry students in our courses section. We will be learning Energy Work. Learn how to identify, use and work with energy in an ethical and safe manner. Perfect for beginners just starting out on their journey into crafting and spirituality.

This year I will also be reworking the podcast to encompass the book reviews. This is how I will help keep myself accountable. I am terrible with keeping up social media accounts and am hoping if I simplify it around my goal to read and study more I will not feel overwhelmed.

What are some of your goals moving into the new year? I’d love to hear from you, connect with me at