Frequencies and Manifestations

This morning I was listening to Bob Proctor talk and he said something I always say, thoughts are frequencies and so is manifestation. We are taught to look at the negative and taught to keep our mind in a small box because it seems logical. Here is the thing though, old thoughts, old patterns and old actions don’t change the situation. Think about what it is you really want. Reprogram your thinking to achieve this outcome. Don’t use excuses like I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I don’t have blah blah blah. You get the point. We need to work on the self and how we think and see ourselves and others in all situations in life.
Do you focus on the negative? Are you only seeing the wrong? Are you focusing on and being coached on new habits? Are you manifesting in the present tense?
Think about it. Are you achieving your goals? Are you on your way? How is the Karma you are putting out in the world?
Here is a coaching tip for the day, think about what you want. Write it down. Live your week like you already achieved it. Write down what you are grateful for every morning and start your day on a positive note. When faced with something that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset, sit with it and ask why and then look for the positive and the lesson. Breathe!

If you are interested in coaching contact me and we can set up a consultation and see if we are a good fit!

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Awakening the Divine Feminine Is Back!

We are back! I am so excited to offer this again. This workshop has sold out everytime I have offered it. This time I have updated how it is being offered.

In the past this workshop was offered only in person. With technology advancing I am able to offer this workshop digitally.

We work for four weeks together to reconnect with the inner goddess that has been sleeping. Step outside your life titles and ignite that inner fire! 🔥

Every week we work with a different goddess to guide us on our intimate journey within. Schedule a weekly live coaching call with me and if you are inclined, connect with others working through their journey in our private community.

Journal your journey, create personal rituals, create a working relationship with four powerful goddess and rediscover the one sleeping inside you. ♥️

If you are ready for self-care and reconnection, let’s get started! Register before Mother’s Day and save $50.

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Mother’s Day!

Sunday is Mother’s Day! How will you be celebrating? I was going to go camping with the kids, if you haven’t figured it out by now I love camping, but we chose to stay home and work on finishing up the flower beds.

So I was thinking of Mother’s Day gift ideas and figured I would share a few simple things I personally love. I love plants, homemade gifts and just quality time sleep in!

Some great ideas:

The Happy Thought Jar-My child went around asking random people what makes them happy and filled a jar with positive thoughts for me!

Brownie Batter Sugar Scrub:

1 Cup of Sugar

1/3 Cup of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

2/3 Cup of Softened Coconut Oil

pinch of salt

Dried Rose Petals (for decorating the top)

Mix sugar, cocoa powder salt and coconut oil until smooth. Put in a glass jar with an air tight lid and top with rose petals!

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding!

This is one of my favorite snacks / breakfast foods. It’s easy to make and super yummy. Make this for breakfast and add some fruit and maybe whole grain toast and a flower and it will be a hit!

Here is a good and easy recipe. Needs to be made the night before!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers. Spoil yourself to some of these favorites and let me know what you thought!