Blessed Wednesday

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. The weather has been just so lovely here in Virginia. I actually had a few good hair days 😄

A few things are new and coming up!

Mother’s Day is around the corner don’t forget to grab some of our Spring Collection of blessed bath ritual items. Awakening The Divine Feminine is available now! Reconnect with your inner goddess and work with 4 during your journey.

Book of the month thus month is a great one. Let’s Become The Witch in May!

Becoming the Witch: The Art of Magick

Sunday group calls to discuss our reading and our lessons.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Much Love



Beltane is fast approaching this weekend. This is one of my favorite Sabbats as it brings us together and celebrates union and love. May first, also known as May Day or Beltane, is celebrated with feasts, flowers, dancing, bonfires and coming together in fellowship.

Beltane is a celebration celebrating the halfway point between spring and summer. Pagan tradition celebrates the union of the Green God and the Goddess joining masculine and feminine energies.

This is a great time for cookouts and foods served fresh like salads, strawberries, fresh baked breads and wine. I love to make Cresent Cakes and add flowers to my home fresh from the garden.

If you are looking to celebrate further add the colors Green for the Earth in full bloom, White for peace and harmony and Red for the hot sun, in your decor! Celebrate love and gratitude for loved ones on this day!

Here is a link to a simple Cresent cake recipe:

Blessed Be!