Vibration and Energy Healing

My favorite and I mean favorite modality of healing is vibrational energy healing.

Let’s start off by giving a understanding what I’m talking about.

Everything is made of energy and vibrates at different frequencies. When we have imbalances our frequencies vibrate at an off balance frequency.

The body needs to be at the right frequencies to start to heal itself. Vibrational healing can help balance the frequencies from your outer biomagnetic fields all the way to your inner cellular levels.

Using energy healing alongside frequency healing we get more bang and promote complete healing.

Feel balanced in your mind, body and spirit. Balance emotions, physical ailments and bring vitality back to your body and life.

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Much Love



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Playing Small

Create Amazing Things

I was talking to Candi about her next podcast episode, and she says she has the perfect topic for us to discuss, “why do we play small?”

Hmmm I feel like she just hit me with that one, and now I am excited to do this podcast episode with her!

Then I was thinking about how perfect the timing of this topic was. We are in Leo season and Jupiter still is in retrograde.

You may wonder what that has to do with it so I’ll explain. Lions are fearless and go after what they want with power and force. Jupiter in retrograde is forcing us to use that energy towards working on our personal goals.

As we roll into Virgo on the 22nd we begin to ground and organize our thoughts and plans. This keeps us focused on the goal.

Why not discuss why we play small, it is perfect timing to get us thinking and acting big.

Much Love


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When You Feel Like Life Isn’t Moving Fast Enough

I have been seeing a reoccurring theme lately among the coaching community and my clients. It seems a lot of the reasoning behind why people feel like they are failing is because they aren’t seeing dramatic changes overnight.

They work hard and put out their work, but then the work seems to fall flat. Thy aren’t millionaires overnight and they can’t quit their day job. It seems like others are able to make it happen so why can’t they?

The thing is though is that we are in the process of part of the goal. The process is different for everyone. Some need more work on their mental drama and some need more work on their skills or communications.

I know for me my time line felt like it was moving a snail’s pace. I just could not seem to be High Priestess fast enough or open my own space quick enough. But the thing is those things were moving fast. it only took me a two years out of my five year plan to make it happen.

When we are in the depths of the process we do not see how far we have come. So my suggestion is this, take a step back and look at where you were on this journey this time last year. What has changed? How far have you actually gone?

We don’t want to rush the process. take your time and do it right. Trust in the work and believe in yourself and if you are truly passionate about your project DON’T QUIT.

Amazing things take time. No Mud No Lotus.

Much Love,


Taking It Slow

I wanted too share a few thoughts I had about a recent email I received from one of my coaches as a reminder to slow down in life. This reminded me to give space to those I work with but not just them, also myself.

This really got me thinking I am a person that always acts fast on my project ideas and lately have been telling myself to slow down.

I think it is kind of cool that the universe would have my coach send that message right when I needed the kick in the butt reminder.

Often when we rush into things we tend to overlook details and this causes the projects to turn out sloppy and unfinished. This creates more work for us in the long run because now we have to go back and tweak the ideas and details.

Remember how we do one thing is how we do everything. If we rush through life, a few things will happen.

1.We don’t live in the moment and we stop enjoying the process

2.We put out rushed quality projects

3.We don’t allow ourselves to fully bring the idea to a complete plan of action and look at all the angles and details. There may be a better way to approach something, but we rushed and now need to backtrack preventing us from moving forward with the project.

4.This can cause us to Spend unnecessary time, money and energy

Make time for your ideas to come to a full well rounded plan before acting. Feel great about the product and then make your offerings to the world.

Much Love,


How Does Sacred Wellness Help You?

I am sitting here thinking about the new challenge I am working through with my coach and group.

Question is what do my Sacred Wellness Sessions help with?

My goodness I feel like there are 100 different things running through my mind and picking just one thing seems silly.

Then I realized that this is what I help people overcome, this exact thing.🤯

I help people realize their personal power to help them overcome anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. People that are not sure if they are coming or going.

People that need to move past traumas that keep them from moving forward.

I help people simplify the process so they can achieve their goals faster.

The Sacred Wellness process uses the many different modalities I personally use to help myself and my business.

So what is the next step? 🤔

Helping my clients streamline their own self-growth process and help them become successful and confident.💫

What are your thoughts?

Much Love

HP Sandi

P.S. If this seems like a program you could benefit from, set up a discovery session with me and let’s see if we are a good fit!