Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! I will be celebrating this weekend as I go camping in the cooler temps and rain. Still going to enjoy grounding work and nature with a few wet hikes and meditation. How are you celebrating? Here are a few ideas you can celebrate.

Planting ritual: Write on a piece of paper something you would like to see grow to fruition like a goal you want to achieve, safe and healthy family, protection of the home etc.. Next get some plants or seeds you want to plant. When you plant the seed or plant put the piece of paper under the soil and watch your intentions grow throughout the season and year.

Celebrate the backyard wildlife by putting out fresh seed, clean bird baths, trim the dead off bushes or forage for some wild violets or dandelions, as long as they are pesticide free.

Take a meditative walk and clean up trash as you go. Make your neighborhood beautiful by removing trash on the ground, or go clean a local park or beach!

Use reusable shopping bags to reduce plastic bags in our trash and landfills.

Involve the family in a fun project. Maybe make pine cone bird feeders, or paint some garden stones.

Either way you celebrate enjoy nature and enjoy the day!