The Resistance and The Push

Do you ever feel like life is pushing against you?

Like every step you take is met with some sort of obstacle trying to distract you?

What does this mean? It means my darling, you are on the right path! Yes! When we are moving forward and growing, the universe around us pushes back. Why?

Because when we grow we change. Our vibrations change, our energy changes, our thoughts change, the way we view the world changes.

So when we view things differently, they respond differently. This is especially true when we are succeeding. Did you ever notice when you are doing really well that something drastic happens?

Yup that means you are on the right path. Don’t give in to it’s distractions just acknowledge and move forward. Take these as signs you are on your way to greater things.

“The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel about answering it”- Steven Pressfield

Live life your way on your terms! Be true to you!

Blessed New Moon and Happiest start to the new season.

Much love


Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

September 22 is the first day of Autumn. We call this the Autumn Equinox or Mabon. Mabon is a Sabbat celebrated with colors and symbols from a late harvest. It is the celebration of gathering the last harvest from fields, gardens and orchards in time to preserve and store for the coming winter.

Mabon is a time for reflection and self healing. You can celebrate in a few different way and always do what feels right for you.

  • Decorate your space with colors and symbols from the last harvest. Maybe put out some apples and pomegranates and add some pretty colors of red, gold and green.
  • Make a beautiful meal and share it with friends and loved ones.
  • Take a nice hike to an apple orchard or a local farmers market
  • Do a ritual involving the Dark Mother celebrating the Crone aspect of the goddess.
  • Meditate on bringing balance to your life throughout the winter.

If you are looking into the magic element of Mabon, do some research on the Dark Mother, Demeter and Persephone. Honor them in your rituals and hold them in your thoughts.

This is the time when Demeter says goodbye to her daughter, Persephone as she is led to the underworld until spring. it can be said that she is led by the goddess Hecate to continue to her reign in the underworld. While she is gone the earth is barren and sleeps until her return.

This is also a perfect time for shadow work and healing. Work on the uncomfortable and study. Take time to yourself and create balance. Heal old wounds and traumas and be ready to grow new again come the spring.

For help and additional information on healing traumas contact me for a consultation.