Awakening the Divine Feminine Is Back!

We are back! I am so excited to offer this again. This workshop has sold out everytime I have offered it. This time I have updated how it is being offered.

In the past this workshop was offered only in person. With technology advancing I am able to offer this workshop digitally.

We work for four weeks together to reconnect with the inner goddess that has been sleeping. Step outside your life titles and ignite that inner fire! 🔥

Every week we work with a different goddess to guide us on our intimate journey within. Schedule a weekly live coaching call with me and if you are inclined, connect with others working through their journey in our private community.

Journal your journey, create personal rituals, create a working relationship with four powerful goddess and rediscover the one sleeping inside you. ♥️

If you are ready for self-care and reconnection, let’s get started! Register before Mother’s Day and save $50.

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Join me on my Podcast The Witchy Life Coach

This is a new podcast to help me keep my self accountable and to continue to offer healing and coaching to others. Join me in March as I work on my goal for one podcast a day diving into coaching and witchy topics!

I published my new episode Intro to the Witchy Life Coach, please check it out


I am teaching a 4 week course on Chakra Healing for Healers starting tomorrow! This is a passion of mine because I love the chakras and really enjoy understanding how they an effect our lives.

I am also a healer and the more I heal the more I use the connections from Chakras and their traumas to help heal others. Putting together the narrative they show help gain a better understanding of the root cause to their blockages and pain.

Once I teach this course to the Order I will be opening it up to the public. Can’t wait!