Today starts the second week of podcasts on the Witchy Life Coach podcast. Er are streaming on most podcast platforms such as, Spotify, Amazon, iheartradio and maybe Apple finally.

Today’s podcast will feature a few things. I will go over how cleaning helps with mental health, as well as, a few witchy cleaning and cleansing tips. With Spring 2 weeks away here in the Northern Hemisphere, let get ready with a little cleaning and cleansing!

If you have a topic and would like it addressed her in blog or podcast form please reach out and let me know and we can dive in and explore together!

Our book club is almost finished our book for the month and we will be exploring ideas for next month’s read. Keep an eye out for the March book review coming soon, and April’s book of the month selection! If you are interested in joining us, get your free membership to Moonflower Ministry. We are would love to have you join in on the fun!

Much Love,


Tomorrow I Start

Incase you missed it, which I doubt you did, I made a challenge for myself to do a podcast everyday in March on witch and life coaching topics.

Why am I doing this? Well one, I am really starting to loathe social media, I am sure I will do a podcast about it, and two, I want to try something new and build a new habit.

I have been life coaching longer than any other form of healing I do. (I just love to mix them together.) I want to reach out and help people on a broader platform and not have to compete with the sludge of the social media world.

So tomorrow I am going to start with Actions from feelings and thoughts and manifestations.

Check out the podcast and follow along! This is a brand new podcast and I am open for suggestions on topics.

Much Love

I’m listening to The Witchy Life Coach on Podbean, check it out!

New Moon

During the New moon we are that New again. So obviously it is the perfect time to start New things! Manifest, cleanse, cut your hair etc..

Remove the unnecessary and plan and manifest what you wish to accomplish over the next months. Record your intentions and work. This will help you keep track of your progress later.

During the full moon you can look back and see how it’s manifested. It’s It’s great time to purge your closet trim the dead from your hair and cleanse the house and tools.

Do you have a favorite new moon ritual? Share it with me!

Much love and blessings

HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden