Experiencing The Shift

Did you ever notice that when you are on the right path things start to shift? We create a new destiny when we make decisions and we can change the way things were going to turn out, just by changing our perspective.

In the spiritual world we usually feel the shift after receiving a download. We experience feelings of dizziness, giddiness, clarity and motivation. We have this A-Ha moment like we finally are seeing the information we have always known to be there, but did not have access to prior.

Sometimes we experience some detoxing. During these shifts in my Sacred Wellness sessions, I always suggest staying hydrated and eat light. Allow time for yourself to rest as needed. Meditate everyday. A message is coming to you so it is important to be still and listen.

There are major shifts happening right now. I have had many sessions on helping others through them. The Awakening the Divine Feminine Workshop has been a great tool for a few of the shifts currently happening. I am seeing overwhelmed and anxiety ridden people that just are feeling stuck and bogged down by their emotions.

Men and women are both feeling this way. I am currently helping both heal and recover. It always feels like there is only dread and ickiness, but we can’t appreciate and experience the beautiful without first seeing the ugly.

We can get through this guys, remember “no mud, no lotus”.

Blessed Be,


P.S. feel free to pass this message along to another soul that may be struggling. We are in this together.

P.S.S. Feel free to connect with me if you are struggling and would like some help. We can schedule a Sacred Wellness Discovery Session.

This Life is Wonderful

Sometimes I still get excited thinking about it.
Several months ago a client came to me suffering from depression and a sense of dread when dealing with anyone or anything. It was especially challenging because it affected every aspect of his life and health. He stopped taking care of his health both physical and mental and had lost touch completely of any sense of spirituality. While a part of him was hopeful, another part of him felt like he was going to be stuck with this forever.
After about 9 months of working with me, he had a big shift. (like huge)
He went from avoiding all doctors, to making all the missed appointments. He even got a new therapist. Spirituality became a prevalent part of his everyday life and he learned how to control and center his emotions better. He attributes this shift to our sacred wellness sessions and has stated “I have received not guidance but confirmation of my growing intuition. Her methods do not plant suggestion but test your own perceptions rendering a truer evaluation then leading a student to a conclusion”
And now, his life is quite strikingly different. “Overall I would say I am calmer, more in tune with existence, and more capable of adapting to change as a result of my work with Sandi.”

I’m so proud of and I’m so grateful I get
to do this work.

Full Moon Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will experience the full moon in Sagittarius. Not only will it be a full moon but also a SUPER MOON. We will feel bold and in touch with our intuition and resonate with the feelings our gut is telling us.

Take a look at your current life plan. Is it stagnant? Have your choices been in alignment with your heart’s intuition?

Sit down and listen to your gut. Be bold in your decision making when it comes to following your road map towards your dreams. The super moon energy will amplify the full moon energy, so harness that power!

Listen to others when they speak, I mean actively listen. Notice what your body does and what your intuition is saying. Get moving and wake up your body on a cellular level. Go for a hike or take a quick trip. Journal your experience and see where that leads you.

Check in with your current boundaries. How well are you upholding them? Are they still relevant?

Check in with your routines and rituals. Are they serving you still?

Full moons are a time of reflection and contemplation. We give thanks for all we have. Take a breath and look at the progress you have made so far on your goals.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Things never feel like they are moving along fast enough but those little steps do add up. Don’t rush the process and take your time and do it right.

Have a wonderful Full Moon and please be kind to yourself.

Blessed Be


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New Moon In Aries

Tonight’s New Moon is in Aries! What does this mean?


If you have been holding back, now is the time! Go out this weekend and have fun, do something impulsive, and enjoy the company of others.

Manifest your actions for the month and how you will achieve your goals. Try something new, be the Fool and be free.

Creativity is flowing through you, use it to help push you past the hurdles that have been standing in your way.

Have fun this weekend! Play the Fool and create amazing things!

New Moon Activities:

  • Hair Cuts
  • Seed Planting
  • New Projects
  • Goal Manifestation
  • Reflection of the Last Month

What If You Made Friends With the Negative?

We have all been there. Negative thoughts start to creep in and ruin our day. Sitting with the negative sucks. We can start to feel defeated and drained. Any motivation we had, now gone.

Negative thoughts, I hate to say it, are comfortable. They are our brain telling us, see you were right about a situation not going right or feeling well.

But what if you just sat with is for a minute? I am not saying give into the crazy thoughts that start to occur, but just sit with the feelings. Ask yourself if these thoughts and feelings are based on fear.

We all know balance is key for all things, and it is the same for thoughts and moods. Let yourself feel the emotions and actually acknowledge them. This puts you in the driver’s seat and in control for what happens next.

Ask yourself, where do I go from here? Remember when you are down the only way to go is up! Manifest and take action. Make a plan, do some self-care and check in with your support team.

Listen to our podcast on sitting with the negative

You can do this! I am here for you every step of the way.

Much Love,


P.S. If you need help along the way and are looking for guidance, Spiritual Coaching may be a good fit for you.

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