She Made My Day

I wanted to share an awesome story with you about a lady that came into my office this week. If you listened to my podcast today you heard this already, but I just love this so much.

I had a lady walk into my office at the end of the day a few days ago. I was unable to help her right away because I was in the middle of fighting the damn scanner, while helping another client.

I smiled and greeted her and kept fighting my scanner. ( This poor guy was not leaving if I couldn’t get his information in the system.) Finally I got the thing to work and all was right with the world.

This lovely woman walks right up to me and with the straightest face says, ” I already love 4 things about this office.” Well damn ok great, please tell me because right now I am not feeling it.

“I like your candy dish”

“I like the fact that you have reading material out”

” I like that you stopped what you were doing to greet me.”

” I like Your mask sign on the door.”

This woman seriously just came in to grab intake paperwork, and immediately stole my heart. She is a new client and her first action in the office was to find 4 things she loved about it. Talk about inspirational. She is ready to move mountains.

So I have now officially decided that from now on every person I meet everywhere I go I will look for 3 things I love about the encounter. Let’s make everyday better. Find 3 things and join me!

You can connect with me here and let me know how your journey is going.

Much Love ,