Spiritual Coaching

Available In-Person or Distance (virtual or phone)

Spiritual Coaching-  Personal and Business

Receive intuitive guidance into what is holding you back from achieving your goals and bring you back to peace!

My goal is to cater with love and care using my wellness experience and holistic knowledge. Let me guide you through the emotional and physical sludge. Maintain balance and heal your mind body and spirit. I will assess and focus on you and your team and work along-side you to get your mind, body and spirit reacquainted again. Experience higher vibrations that help you transform and shift your path back on track. Not only will I help hold you accountable toward achieving your goals, I will challenge you along the way. You have my personal attention from start to finish.

Move past yourself and reach goals, all while building and maintaining healthy habits and boundaries. Lead your life with mental clarity by removing negative mindset and trauma responses, learn what is holding you back.

Spiritual Coaching uses multiple holistic modalities to help heal as we go.

Your coaching includes, live 1 on 1 calls, a specifically designed plan of action to help keep you accountable in our app and access to me through chat in-between calls. worksheets and my coaching workbook to help keep you focused.

You will receive holistic healing such as reiki, yoga, meditations, tapping sessions, and cognitive therapy work all included in your healing program. As a High Priestess I am also able to guide your spiritual and magickal development. I have a toolbox of many holistic healers and resources to always provide the best program and healing for you!

Hear how coaching has helped Tony

“I have received not guidance but confirmation of my growing intuition. Her methods do not plant suggestion, but test your own perceptions rendering a truer evaluation then leading a student to a conclusion. My perceptions and perspective have changed significantly and I have learned skills and abilities I did not possess before.”

“I have gained first hand experience of my patron Goddess via Sandi’s gifts as a channel.”

Coaching Packages

  • 3 Month- Perfect for goal setting and habit building
  • 6 Month- Great for removing blockages and working on spiritual, mental and emotional balance
  • 12 Months-Perfect for working through trauma responses, long term goals, business planning and relationship building.

Holistic Professionals are some of the best around! Knowing from experience, we can easily burn out and get stuck. Spiritual Coaching can help you get back on track to pursue your passion for helping and healing others.

Running a healing business is the best, but it comes with it’s cavoites. Spiritual Business Coaching will help guide you through the business end of the Holistic Business World. Take it from me, I have been there! I have experienced the Imposter Syndrome, the employees, the partners and the community not always having my back.

Some of my best clients are professional Healers and Priestesses. Keep your mind focused on your goal and not on the spiritual sludge and gunk that can attach itself to you for creating light in a once dark place.

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