Spiritual Warriors allows all students of all spiritual backgrounds and belief systems interested in learning about how to work with the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

All students are accepted over the age of 18 without discriminations of gender, race, or sexuality.

Students must submit at least one assignment per month or will be placed on inactive status during level 1.

After level 1, students will remain a part of the school community regardless of whether they move on to level 2.

Students can be refunded money if they have not submitted any lessons for the 4 lessons paid for, have not progressed past week 1 level 1 of original sent payment in the past 60 days.

No discrimination of diverse beliefs, religion, race, cultures or sexual orientaion of students, members and peers is allowed.

All students are to respect the “Harm None” rule and guidelines created by the school and The Order of the White Moon’s policies.