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Healing Services

  • Sound Bath
  • Reiki
  • Vibrational Energy Healing

What Is Sacred Healing?
Sacred healing is holistic healing of all areas body mind and spirit.
My healing services have helped my clients thrive and take back control of their lives and have less stress, live healthier, relive pain from their bodies and minds, have healthier habits, boundaries and relationships. See how my sessions can help you.

Healing Services

Sound Bath

Sound baths help relieve stress in the body and mind using different sounds and vibrations. Relax while being taken on a journey with sounds leading the way.
Sundays in-person and Remote Sessions


Reiki healing uses energy from around us as a way to raise the cellular vibrations to help remove blockages in our bodies.
Reiki energy can relieve pain, emotional blockages, stagnant energies within the body that cause ailments and can induce relaxation.
A session includes a body scan to find where the blockages are, a chakra clearing and then a focus on the blockages.
In-Person30 min
In-Person60 min
Distance30 min
Distance60 min

Vibrational Energy Healing and Sound Therapy Sessions

Experience a combination of different modalities in a relaxing and complete holistic healing session.
Find the blockages, clear the sludge and get balanced. Vibrational healing uses on and off the body healing with tools such as tuning forks, sound bowls and energy healing. 

In-Person/ Distance 

Free Consultation

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