Awakening Authenticity

Awakening Authenticity

This program is a membership that connects those looking to build healthy relationships with themselves and live the life they deserve, through healthy boundary setting and strong habit building. We help keep you connected to your values with personal development strategies and inspiration.  Come together with others looking to create the life they deserve and explore your journey through community and love.

What does this program include?

We are committed to offering you :

  • Course lessons in personal development-so you can learn the tools you need for success

  • Assignments- to keep you practicing and engaged

  • Mental Fitness- to keep you focused and motivated

  • Community in our app -so you can have support along your journey

  • Healing sessions to keep you balanced-so you can focus on keeping you life moving authentically 

We send you an  invitation every month to an event to keep you balanced and on the right track.
The monthly event can be a sister circle, a sound bath, or any other pop event to help address any blockages or frustrations keeping you from your goals and the life you deserve. 

Live chats to get to know each other better and ask questions 
and more..

We Help You Relieve:

  • Mental Blockages and Frustrations- so you can crush your goals and achieve more

  • Stress - so you can have the focus and patience to achieve bigger things

  • Feelings of being alone along you journey with community-so you can be held accountable and succeed

  • Pains of feeling like you are hitting a brick wall with all your efforts-so you can break through the stagnation and get yourself growing!

Work with personal rituals designed by you for you. Get in touch with your intuition and make friends with your shadow-self. Learn how to love yourself by putting self-care tactics in place so that the journey is meaningful. 
This can be a difficult process, but if you are ready to work on yourself and serious about taking that next step, this is a great place to start. 
You are never alone, at any time you need to let out how you are feeling and what you are going through, or have any questions, you have me and your sisters by your side.
This is a great way to heal sister wounds, find yourself again, learn to be wild, free and strong!
This community has your back! Connect with community chat to other sisters for some sisterly connection and supportive community.
Connect with the Scared Feminine to help guide your spiritual development. 

Self-Healing for personal development

“The program, helped me learn more about myself and contributed to my sense of health and wellbeing.”

“While working through the program, I recognized some things that hinder me from moving forward in my life and business. I am getting better at doing nice things for myself. “


We Are Stardust, Energy And Sound


Sound Bath

Sound Baths help relieve stress in the body and mind using different sounds and vibrations. Enjoy relaxing while being taken on a journey with sounds leading the way. Included in Awakening Authenticity -Monthly and Lifetime Membership

Sacred Sister Circles

Experience community with Sisters from all over. We share our joys, pains, fears and frustrations together so that we may heal and grow.- Included in Awakening Authenticity-Monthly and Lifetime Membership


Reiki healing uses energy from around us as a way to raise the cellular vibrations to help remove blockages in our bodies.
Reiki energy can relieve pain, emotional blockages, stagnant energies within the body that cause ailments and can induce relaxation.
A session includes a body scan to find where the blockages are, a chakra clearing and then a focus on the blockages.-

Included in Awakening Authenticity-Lifetime Membership

Vibrational Energy Healing

Experience a combination of different modalities in a relaxing and complete holistic healing session.
Find the blockages, clear the sludge and get balanced.-Included in Awakening Authenticity-Lifetime Membership

"The MOST amazing Vibrational Healing session earlier with The Liminal Soul Healing! We met for a Virtual session and despite the distance, I could feel every energetic pull and tug as Sandi cleared my Chakras and all of the muddied energy that's been collecting and lingering. The shift during and clarity now is amazingly tangible. She's incredible with energy healing!" -Jayme

The decision between a monthly membership and a lifetime membership for a holistic healing and self-development program depends on your individual goals, financial situation, and commitment level. Here are some benefits to consider for each option:

**Monthly Membership:**

1. **Flexibility:** Monthly memberships offer flexibility since you can commit on a month-to-month basis. This is ideal if you're unsure about your long-term commitment or want to explore the program before making a larger investment.

2. **Lower Initial Cost:** Monthly memberships usually have a lower upfront cost compared to lifetime memberships, making it more accessible for those on a tight budget.

3. **Trial Period:** You can effectively use the monthly membership as a trial period to assess the program's effectiveness, content, and alignment with your needs and goals.

4. **Adaptability:** As your needs and goals evolve over time, you can adjust your membership level, upgrade to a lifetime membership if you find the program highly beneficial, or pause/cancel your membership if circumstances change.

**Lifetime Membership:**

1. **Cost Savings in the Long Run:** While the upfront cost of a lifetime membership is higher, it often provides significant cost savings over time compared to paying monthly dues indefinitely.

2. **Unlimited Access:** With a lifetime membership, you typically gain unrestricted access to all program materials, resources, and updates for as long as the program exists. This ensures you can revisit and continue your self-development journey without additional payments.

3. **Long-Term Commitment:** Opting for a lifetime membership demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your personal growth and development, which can positively influence your dedication and consistency.

4. **Community and Networking:** Lifetime members often have the opportunity to form deeper connections with other like-minded individuals who are also committed to their holistic healing and self-development journey.

5. **Consistency and Mastery:** Having long-term access encourages consistent engagement with the program, potentially leading to a deeper understanding of the content and greater mastery of the concepts.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your financial capabilities, your level of commitment, your desire for flexibility, and how well the program aligns with your personal growth goals. If you're unsure, you might start with a monthly membership to gauge the program's effectiveness before making a more substantial investment in a lifetime membership.