Moonflower Ministry

Headed by HP Sage Moonmaiden





Welcome to all that are looking to learn about the Divine Feminine and Masculine and how to incorporate divine healing into a deeper soul level. Learn lessons on ritual work, self healing, hands on exercises, and more..

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Our spiritual community offers:

  1. Lessons on the Divine Feminine, Spiritual Growth, and Craft Development
  2. Live Discussions and Zoom Classes
  3. Group Chat For Community Support
  4. Book Group
  5. Mentoring
  6. Gender Reconciliation

All-inclusive Ministry run by High Priestess, Sage Moonmaiden. Does not discriminate against sexual orientation, gender, or faith. If you are open to learn, we welcome you!

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What We Are Working On In 2022

May we will be reading Becoming the Witch by Danae Moon Thorp

Join our discussions in our group chat or on TikTok. Review for the book will be listed in our blog posts and on our podcast and TikTok.

Lessons we will be focusing on at this time are lessons on Energy Work. If you are a new student and would like to learn about identifying and using energy, as well as the ethics and etiquette of when to use energy, sign up for our Energy Work Course!