Additional Courses

All courses are in person and online live classes. No prerecorded classes! This enables you to set up a good schedule for you and make sure you can ask questions and get my full support along the way!


Reiki Level 1-

Learn what Reiki is where it started and how to use energy to heal yourself and others.. This course is offered both in person and online with live classes and a live demonstration to gain your Certification!-

Reiki Level 2-

Get certified in Reiki Level 2! Distance can be a problem when trying to heal someone or something. Level 2 shows you how to do distance reiki, test it out, make sure you feel confident all while having my full support and feed back! Classes both in person and online!-Includes Chakra Traumas


Chakras Traumas For Healers

We will dive deeper into the traumas that cause our imbalances, what age and point of live we experience the traumas and how to heal them no matter what type of healing you specialize in! $150

Magic Fundamentals-Learning Magic 

Learn the ethics of spirituality and crafting along with how to create and attain success in your rituals and spell work. Learn the basics of energy work, how to pick the right tools and how to find your path in this very eclectic path.

Learning Magic is a great beginner course for those venturing into Spirituality!

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