This Course is an in-depth look into the chakras., how to recognize their imbalances, understand what they control and learn how to become balanced again. Are you a healing practitioner? This course will help give you a greater understanding of the chakras, their traumas and what they affect to help step-up your practice.

Chakras Traumas-

We will dive deeper into the traumas that cause our imbalances, what age and point of live we experience the traumas and how to heal them.

Coming Soon!!

Mindful Preschool- 

Learn how to use mindful games and activities with preschool aged kids. Learning these activities at this age will help the mindful practice become a habit.

Mindful Elementary-

Elementary aged children are fun! They love to learn and especially love to be kind. This course will show teachers and care givers how to teach mindfulness throughout the day and keep the practice fresh in their minds and teach them when to use it. Included are games and activities, meditation ideas, and more!!