All courses are in person and online.

 Chakra HealingOnline Session Enrolling Soon!

We will dive deep into the traumas that cause our imbalances, what age and point we experience the traumas and how to heal them and live a happier and balanced life. Dive into the 7 main chakras in this course. Learn how to identify imbalances. Explore your own chakras with our journal style worksheets and our handouts. Learn how to use this information in your own healing profession. If you are a healer this is a great addition to your practice.

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Reiki Level 1 Certification– Live and Online Session Enrolling Now!

Learn what Reiki is where it started and how to use energy to heal yourself and others. This course is offered both in person and online with live classes and a live demonstration to gain your Certification! This course is run virtually and in person. Our next date starts in April and this certification will also offer Chakra Healing as part of its curriculum.

We are now Registering for our in-person Reiki Level 1.

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“Sandi’s instruction and aid resulted in a spiritual awakening during the Reiki Level 1 course that will remain a significant moment in my journey.”

Reiki Level 2 CertificationNo Open Registration

Get certified in Reiki Level 2! Distance can be a problem when trying to heal someone or something. Level 2 shows you how to do distance reiki, test it out, make sure you feel confident all while having my full support and feedback! This course is for Reiki Level 1 students that have been practicing hands on reiki for one year. I will not clump this certification into a group class and each individual is certified on a 1 on 1 basis. If you are ready for your Level 2 Certification, please contact me for more information

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Awakening The Divine Feminine Workshop

Awaken your inner goddess! Rediscover the goddess within you in this beautiful workshop. Get in touch with your feminine energy with this class series.

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This 4 week workshop focuses on rediscovering who we are outside of our life titles, and awakens that sleeping goddess within you. Every week we work with a different goddess and discover a little more about how to incorporate their energy into our journey.

This workshop has sold out every time I have offered it! The best part about this workshop is it has been upgraded to the coaching app and allows you to take your time throughout the week and really do the work at your own pace. You get a live coaching call with me each week to check in and to help with any questions along the way. You also get access to me through our messenger in the app in-between calls if something comes up!

Awaken the Divine Feminine

We are focusing on Energy Work in 2022 (Moonflower Ministry Course)

If you are interested in taking our course on Energy Work, email me for details

Our Moonflower Ministry Group is focusing on energy, how and when to use it, how to identify it, and when it is ethically appropriate to do so. If you are new to crafting and would like to learn about energy work and lessons to help aid in the development in your energy work, sign up for this course! Once you are registered the Syllabus will be emailed to you. This course is only available to Moonflower Ministry Students.