Blessed from the Altar

This weekend my beautiful family will be working on our Blessed from the Altar Collection. You will soon notice new items in our shop designed to enhance magical energies and help aid in crafting. The energy we share is unstoppable and together we are going to put together a beautiful collection to be enjoyed by fellow spiritualists. I can’t wait to get going on this weekend’s projects! Hurry up 5pm!

Ritual at the Beach

This past Friday I met up with a good friend of mine, that has never done a ritual before, to do a full moon ritual.

We went down to the beach and watched the sunset and waited for the moon to rise. I went over what we were going to do while we waited.

I brought a mini Ritual kit with me and it was perfect! The handmade paper held up nicely in the breeze and allowed me to write on it without flipping around. I gave her a piece of paper and brought her a candle, brought my crystals and a shell from the sand and set my intentions.

The moon came up and it was perfect! The best part was my ritual spell worked almost instantly. I got home and one of my intentions was instantly waiting for me!

If you are interested in a mini kit we still have a few in the shop. They come with extra goodies not listed picked just for you!

Stress at Work

How do you deal with stress at work? You know when the phone rings on all lines and there are 3 people standing in front of you and now is the exact moment your computer crashes?

I was told to always wear my Disney Princess Face but it’s not always simple.

I have started to make my desk a zen environment by adding all the elements. I have an oil diffuser for water and air I have a plant for earth and a candle for fire. I use a mix of relaxing essential oils and kick that diffuser on high!

I also wear my protection jewelry and hang protection from my corkboard. Touching my desk breathing in and out focusing on the cold hard surface.

I finally relax enough to soften my face and push on, but not before that piece of chocolate hits my mouth.

How do you handle stress at work?


It appears our IT person missed the payout option in our shop! If you had your eye on an item we are all fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Full Moon

On July 23rd we will be celebrating the next full moon! This full moon explore self live and acceptance start to manifest your intentions.

Cleanse yourself and space. Meditate and focused on healing light surrounding you. Focuse on your heart beat, your breath. Each breath in imaginge what you want to manifest. Each out breath blow it out into the universe.

Light your candle write your manifestation on your paper and burn it. Ground yourself however you feel best. Simple way is to put your hands on the ground and let them go cold.

Drink water, eat something light and journal about what you have learned during your meditation.

Check out our shop for mini kits to help guide your rituals!