Relieve Your Sinuses

Yay allergy season, not really. Pollen is in the air turning our cars yellow and green and our sinuses on fire. There are few ways I alleviate some of the pressure and congestion during this time of year. I use my oil diffuser, some steams and breathwork during the day to help keep my sinuses clear. Essential oils and fresh herbs can be your friends. A few essential oils and herbs that are helpful to relive sinus and allergy issues are

  • Lavender – great antihistamine
  • Peppermint-opens clogged sinuses
  • Eucalyptus-good for headaches, runny and stuffy noses
  • Tea Tree-good for congestion, runny and stuffy noses
  • Rosemary-relives swollen sinuses
  • Thyme-good antibacterial

Sinus Essential Oil Blend for diffuser

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  • 2 Drops Eucalyptus
  • 2 Drops Rosemary
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree
  • 1 Drop Peppermint

Steam these herbs or oils and put a towel over your face for 5 mins or add these oils or fresh herbs to a shower or bath

  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
How to do alternate nostril breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a great way to help clear out the gunk clogged in there. Make sure to have some tissues handy. I like to do this while diffusing the oil blend.

Ritual Baths

Baths are a great was to release tensions and emotional baggage. Soaking in a warm tub, just those words sound relaxing and inviting.

Ritual baths use salts, teas, and intentions. Salts can be as simple as just some Epsom salt and maybe a few drops of essential oils. Bath teas can be some cheese cloth filled with herbs fresh or dires or even pre-made tea to add to the bathwater.

Think about what you would like to release and let go of and soak it away. Close your eyes and let it go. Have something to drink and rest. I love to play music and enjoy some singing.

I have added a bath tea recipe for mental relaxation.

Fresh ingredients are best used and can be added directly to the bath or pre-made in a tea and added to the bath.

1/4 cup fresh Ginger, 1/2 cup of mint, cucumber slices and 1/2 cup of lavender.

This can be used with some salts to enhance muscle relaxation!

Ritual baths are perfect for New Moon rituals so enjoy this New Moon!

Grounding Exercises

Are you feeling all over the place and flighty lately? You are not alone. So many of my students, clients, and friends including myself have been suffering from anxiety and feeling scattered. Learning to ground is one of the best things in my adult toolbox. I teach is to my kids and my kid students, my adult students, my adult kids and their friends. It’s all very important.

There are many different and fun ways we can incorporate grounding into our day. Grounding can be as simple or elaborate as we want it or need it to be. Some days are worse than others so we can go with a simple breath exercise or we can forest bathe and go camping. Grounding can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and bring balance to the mind and body.

Here are a few grounding exercises I personally enjoy doing!

1> Go for a mindful walk. Take a slow walk around the yard, neighborhood, a park or town. Take notice of the sights, smells, sounds and feelings you experience. Silently walk and just observe. Be in the moment with your surroundings.

2>Play in the dirt!!! I personally can’t get enough of this one. I love to garden, even if it’s tending to my inside garden aka house plants. Weeding my flower beds and moving the soil is relaxing. The dirt is absorbing all my negatives and replacing it with fresh positives.

3>Take a bath or go for a swim. Add some salts or oils to a bath and just sink on in. Allow the water to swirl around you and warm and relax you. Let go of the tensions and toxins you are holding in and let it go down the drain.

4>Aroma therapy. Some scents can be very grounding. here is a list of aromas that are known for their grounding properties. Birch, Clary sage, Lavender, Myrrh, Patchouli and Sandalwood. You can burn candles, diffuse oils, heat dried herbs etc..

5>Grounding Stone Meditations. I teach this one to my kids class a lot. Hold a stone and focus on it. feel the texture and notice the colors. Is it smooth or rough? What shape is it? Is it cold to the touch? Where did is come from? Then we hold it in both hands and as we close our eyes and breathe we put all our worries in the stone. Once we are done we either burry the stone or cleanse the stones. Here are a few stones used for grounding. Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Citrine and Hematite. I also love river rocks when doing the meditation with younger kids so they can bury them or throw them in the water.

I hope some of these are useful to you. Please as always feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions or let me know if you try any of these!


Tonight we celebrate the first super moon of the year! The Worm Moon celebrates spring as the earth begins to soften and the earth worms aerate the soil providing perfect planting conditions (depending on where you live of course)

Here are some tools for tonight’s moon ritual

  • Gemstone:  Pyrite
  • Incense:  Sage
  • Oil: Dragon’s Blood
  • Color: Gold
  • Symbol: Spoken word, fresh flowers

Remember to give thanks to what has been given and breathe in what you have accomplished. Plan your gardens and enjoy the awakening of our plants and animals. Meditation and prayer are a perfect way to show our appreciation to ourselves and to spirit. Honor the mother and she will show you the way!

Blessed be

What do you get when I certify you?

So I know it seems like you can certified cheap these days if you shop around for anything. When I got certified over 20 years ago the price is what I currently charge today. I did not get the extra add-ons I offer you but it was in person classes and we learned a lot. That being said, what do you get when I certify you?

Well you don’t get a prerecorded course that you have to learn on your own. Nothing wrong with these courses because I too offer some this way. I find that when you are learning something as amazing as energy healing techniques you should be able to talk face to face and see my hands move. I love to ask questions to my students. I want to make sure you understand and can use this way of healing in everyway imaginable.

I also go into great detail about the body and the chakras. Reiki Level 1 you will learn about the chakras and how they will help you in your healing to tell a story of what the person is experiencing. Reiki Level 2 You will dive further into the chakras learning about the chakra traumas. These two things will take you further than any other offered Reiki certification.

I also like to see my students have the confidence they need to try it on others. I will help you every step of the way so you are confident you are correct in your practice.

Did you know if you join April’s class you can save an extra 20% with code 20%OFF?


I am really excited to see and hear from you soon. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions you may have at: