Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

September 22 is the first day of Autumn. We call this the Autumn Equinox or Mabon. Mabon is a Sabbat celebrated with colors and symbols from a late harvest. It is the celebration of gathering the last harvest from fields, gardens and orchards in time to preserve and store for the coming winter.

Mabon is a time for reflection and self healing. You can celebrate in a few different way and always do what feels right for you.

  • Decorate your space with colors and symbols from the last harvest. Maybe put out some apples and pomegranates and add some pretty colors of red, gold and green.
  • Make a beautiful meal and share it with friends and loved ones.
  • Take a nice hike to an apple orchard or a local farmers market
  • Do a ritual involving the Dark Mother celebrating the Crone aspect of the goddess.
  • Meditate on bringing balance to your life throughout the winter.

If you are looking into the magic element of Mabon, do some research on the Dark Mother, Demeter and Persephone. Honor them in your rituals and hold them in your thoughts.

This is the time when Demeter says goodbye to her daughter, Persephone as she is led to the underworld until spring. it can be said that she is led by the goddess Hecate to continue to her reign in the underworld. While she is gone the earth is barren and sleeps until her return.

This is also a perfect time for shadow work and healing. Work on the uncomfortable and study. Take time to yourself and create balance. Heal old wounds and traumas and be ready to grow new again come the spring.

For help and additional information on healing traumas contact me for a consultation.

Full Moon In Pisces

Today’s full moon in Pisces is a great time to work on intuition and practice divination and other forms of the craft. When doing your ritual or craft work tonight, you can represent Pisces with aquamarine crystals and candles, the symbol for Pisces and the element of water. Meditate on your emotions and your manifestations made during the New Moon.

We are quickly coming up on the Autumn Solstice Wednesday and also another Mercury Retrograde. Take time and enjoy your magic tonight. It’s a perfect night to pull out those tarot cards, runes, pendulums, crystal balls, tea leaves etc..

Share with me what forms of divination you have tried. Did you find it easy? Do you have multiple? I’d love to hear from you!

Much Love,

HP Sage Moonmiden

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Lessons on Magic

Lessons Now Happening

I am not a huge social media person, which actually may be a blessing, but I have friends that are. I am on a few social media sites for work purposes mostly and run our site on Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t look up groups and such when it comes to witchcraft.

I know it is now trendy to be spiritual and witchy, but trends tend to take the ethics and meaning out of what is being shown. I had a friend send me a link to a social media post where the trend is cord cutting. So the post shows it as string tied to two candles and burning them and setting intention and that is it.

First off I was seriously shaking my head that this is what people think cord cutting is. They never went into the fact it is the emotional and energy cord that needs to be cut or how to do that. They made some fancy pretty demonstration and that’s it.

Now not to get off topic or all in a rage about uneducated witches, but that is why I am writing this post. First off magic is personal. You use your own judgment and energy. Paying someone else to do the job for you will only result in diluted possibly unwanted outcomes.

Next, my role as a High Priestess is to educate and mentor others, so I have chosen to offer some basic lessons on crafting to help those that want to learn and understand how to plan and create beautiful outcomes.

I will not be giving you spells or rituals, instead I will teach you how to create your own as well as the ethics, and some lessons on exploring and working on your talents.

If you are interested in learning the 101 of magic, register for a my live zoom classes on Thursday night’s starting at 7pm.

You can register HERE

New Moon In Virgo

New Moon rituals are a great time for manifestation and new beginnings. This New Moon is in the Moon sign of Virgo. This mean that it is a perfect opportunity to focus our manifestations on health, self-care and our desired schedules.

It’s also on a Monday this month which is perfect because Monday is the day for healing,compassion, fertility, psychic awareness.

Design your ritual around your manifestation. Are you looking at manifesting a new self-care or health schedule? Project with a good affirmation, I create health and healing into my life, is one. No matter what your words are make it true.

The most important thing about manifestation is intention and belief. You have to wholeheartedly believe what you are putting out in the universe.

Next step is to put it into the physical world. You can wish things into existence. If you are looking for better health start living healthier. See yourself as a healthy person and act accordingly.

Creating a peaceful and serene space for yourself to retreat to is one way to give yourself daily peace. It doesn’t have to be a while room, maybe just the corner or the top of a shelf or your dresser.

While doing your ritual include colors for Virgo brown for grounding, green for growth and renewal, black and gray are also Virgo colors which are also perfect for New Moon rituals.

End your ritual with a light snack and a little self-care. Record your efforts and let’s see your progress come the Full Moon!

Happy Crafting! If you are in need of supplies check out our shop or message me what personal ritual needs you are looking for and we can put a kit together for you.

6 Steps For Successful Magick

When creating magick there are a few things that set you up for a successful outcome. In this post I will just go over the basics because there are a lot of new crafters out there and it’s good to understand or even freshen up on the basics.

This blog is inspired by one of my favorite books Making Magick By Edian McCoy. In this book she goes over all the basics for natural magic and how to make it work for you. I read this book when it came out and it quickly became one of my all time go to references.

The 6 Steps according to Miss McCoy are:

  1. Desire and Need
  2. Emotional Involvement
  3. Knowledge and Realistic Expectations
  4. Belief
  5. The Ability to Keep Silent
  6. Willingness to Back Up Magick in the Physical World

These steps are the foundation to successful outcomes. The Desire and need equal intention. Intention is the root source of all magick.

Emotional involvement is your manifestation on a mental level. Are you passionate about the magick? If your heart is not fully invested in your plan it will not be as effective.

Understanding the realistic expectations of what your outcome may be is important. For example we can not realistically change a frog into a prince. Understanding that the outcome is realistic and not a fantasy is definitely important. Also Knowing how to perform the magick correctly and the right tools needed time of day or year and any planetary phases that involved will help a give you a greater outcome. Understanding when is not a good time to do the work and when the timing is right. Education and patience are key.

Having belief in yourself and your abilities to make magick will increase the effectiveness of your outcomes. If dealing with deities or higher powers, having faith in them is also just as important.

The ability to keep silent. This one is a big one and in today’s world of social media and look at what I can do culture this in my opinion is probably the hardest one for new crafters. Every time we share our magick with someone it loses a little of its power. Talking about it openly may fall on the wrong ears and cause the outcome to backfire or not happen at all. Recording your process is a great way to keep a journal of the progress along the way

Backing up you work in the real world means putting in the work. If you are looking for a new home and do a spell but don’t actually look for a new home obviously the spell won’t work. If you are looking for a lazy way out trying to do spell work without putting in the work magick is not for you. A prime example we see all the time is love spells. This type of magick would be most potent if you worked on yourself love and traumas first then put the intention for another.

These six steps are of course not the only steps and not all facets of crafters hold the same values, but they are a good foundation to those starting out. Feel free to reach out with any questions at

Have a magical and beautiful day!