New Moon

During the New moon we are that New again. So obviously it is the perfect time to start New things! Manifest, cleanse, cut your hair etc..

Remove the unnecessary and plan and manifest what you wish to accomplish over the next months. Record your intentions and work. This will help you keep track of your progress later.

During the full moon you can look back and see how it’s manifested. It’s It’s great time to purge your closet trim the dead from your hair and cleanse the house and tools.

Do you have a favorite new moon ritual? Share it with me!

Much love and blessings

HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden


It’s been awhile since I posted. I hope you had a lovely Samhain.

Something I, as an adult, have struggled with is taking a time out when it is needed. The last few weeks have been crazy and emotionally taxing.

There are projects half started and ideas for projects that are still just that, ideas. As the holidays get nearer those projects need to get finished and my schedule will get fuller.

What to do when we are overwhelmed, especially during the holiday time is remind ourselves to take a break here and there. Put aside things that are not high priority, take a bath, self care rituals even the smallest ones can bring a sense of relief.

I love listening to my podcasts while drinking my coffee and putting my makeup on in the morning. I have also cut back on the amount of yoga classes I am teaching and how many spiritual sessions I am scheduling.

Just remember to take it easy on yourself. We can only do so much over an extended amount of time. It’s ok to rest, you’re not lazy, it’s ok to say no, you’re not being selfish. Recharge yourself.

Much love,

HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden

Are Magical Tools Necessary?

I keep seeing posts from those new to the craft asking questions about the type of material their altars should be or how to properly set up sacred spaces, which tools should be used or what words or gods and goddesses should be envoked.

Is all of this necessary? Well actually no. None of it actually matters. What does matter is intention. While ceremony is beautiful and is traditional for some pagan sects, it is not required or necessary to produce very real and beautiful magic.

The magic comes from what feels natural and the intention of the practitioner. Tools are often used as a way to help hone in on the intention, but can also be overwhelming and distracting to a new practitioner. Work with what you have and simplify the process in the beginning. There is no need for the ceremony unless the ritual is formal and with your group, coven or order.

Get comfortable with your abilities and the process, then add the rest! Much love to you all new and advanced. We are all on our own path and we are all doing great things!


HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden

Just Enjoying the Moment

Retrograde of planets seriously kicked my butt last week. I have been just feeling short tempered and down at the same time. I have lessened my caffeine , my sugar and other stressors during this time to help relieve some of the stress. I have a job that if I don’t look like a Disney Princess I get sent home because my bitch face says I am stressed.

So what did I do about it? Well This passed weekend I went home and I did allow myself to rest but not become stuck. I get stuck on the couch trying to breathe through anxiety. So I moved around. Took deep breathes and I moved slow but I moved. I cleaned my room up, did laundry, even painted. I stood up and just swayed side to side and got a little movement going before picking a task.

I can do this and I will not let my mood be swayed by something impractical, because while I am a witch, I am also practical. I believe in the magic of the earth and energy but I am also not going to blame planets for my feelings. I take control over myself and start to change the outcome of my day.

Today after a weekend of doing not much other than swaying and breathing I feel pretty good and at peace. Allow yourself to enjoy small movements and moments. Not each victory is a huge step forward. Todays card of the day was perfect. Check it out below

Slow but Steady

Retrograde in Libra

Your Weekly Horoscope for September 26–October 2, 2021: Mercury Retrograde Is Here

Here we go again. Retrograde, our favorite time of the year, just kidding. For me though I do enjoy retrogrades. They are time of reflection and growth. Taking a step back and evaluating ourselves and out situations.

It is the perfect time for study and self healing. Retrograde in Libra is the perfect time for finding balance within our lives and our relationships with others. Do we have people in our lives that really don’t do much for our growth? Do we have some holding us back from reaching our full potential? We then need to reevaluate and purge.

Ask yourself are you a friend that shows up? Do you go to them when in need? Are they there for you as much as you are there for them? We know relationships are give and take. How much are we giving vs how much we are taking determines the relationship dynamic.

A few great ideas to work on this retrograde:

  • Speak with kind and fair words.
  • Listen without intention of responding/ silent witnessing
  • Use words of gratitude and compassion towards others as well as when you are talking about yourself.
  • Create a daily ritual dedicated to calm and quite the mind. Mental self care is a great way to spend this retrograde.
  • Wear bright fall colors! Keep yourself from starting to feel down and out. Brighten up your day with a little red or yellow or orange.
  • Challenge yourself daily to a new spiritual development. Maybe try a new divination everyday for the next couple of weeks and see how it works for you.

Of course let me know how your progress is coming along! I’d love to hear from you! Message me here