When You Feel Like Life Isn’t Moving Fast Enough

I have been seeing a reoccurring theme lately among the coaching community and my clients. It seems a lot of the reasoning behind why people feel like they are failing is because they aren’t seeing dramatic changes overnight.

They work hard and put out their work, but then the work seems to fall flat. Thy aren’t millionaires overnight and they can’t quit their day job. It seems like others are able to make it happen so why can’t they?

The thing is though is that we are in the process of part of the goal. The process is different for everyone. Some need more work on their mental drama and some need more work on their skills or communications.

I know for me my time line felt like it was moving a snail’s pace. I just could not seem to be High Priestess fast enough or open my own space quick enough. But the thing is those things were moving fast. it only took me a two years out of my five year plan to make it happen.

When we are in the depths of the process we do not see how far we have come. So my suggestion is this, take a step back and look at where you were on this journey this time last year. What has changed? How far have you actually gone?

We don’t want to rush the process. take your time and do it right. Trust in the work and believe in yourself and if you are truly passionate about your project DON’T QUIT.

Amazing things take time. No Mud No Lotus.

Much Love,