Taking It Slow

I wanted too share a few thoughts I had about a recent email I received from one of my coaches as a reminder to slow down in life. This reminded me to give space to those I work with but not just them, also myself.

This really got me thinking I am a person that always acts fast on my project ideas and lately have been telling myself to slow down.

I think it is kind of cool that the universe would have my coach send that message right when I needed the kick in the butt reminder.

Often when we rush into things we tend to overlook details and this causes the projects to turn out sloppy and unfinished. This creates more work for us in the long run because now we have to go back and tweak the ideas and details.

Remember how we do one thing is how we do everything. If we rush through life, a few things will happen.

1.We don’t live in the moment and we stop enjoying the process

2.We put out rushed quality projects

3.We don’t allow ourselves to fully bring the idea to a complete plan of action and look at all the angles and details. There may be a better way to approach something, but we rushed and now need to backtrack preventing us from moving forward with the project.

4.This can cause us to Spend unnecessary time, money and energy

Make time for your ideas to come to a full well rounded plan before acting. Feel great about the product and then make your offerings to the world.

Much Love,