This Life is Wonderful

Sometimes I still get excited thinking about it.
Several months ago a client came to me suffering from depression and a sense of dread when dealing with anyone or anything. It was especially challenging because it affected every aspect of his life and health. He stopped taking care of his health both physical and mental and had lost touch completely of any sense of spirituality. While a part of him was hopeful, another part of him felt like he was going to be stuck with this forever.
After about 9 months of working with me, he had a big shift. (like huge)
He went from avoiding all doctors, to making all the missed appointments. He even got a new therapist. Spirituality became a prevalent part of his everyday life and he learned how to control and center his emotions better. He attributes this shift to our sacred wellness sessions and has stated “I have received not guidance but confirmation of my growing intuition. Her methods do not plant suggestion but test your own perceptions rendering a truer evaluation then leading a student to a conclusion”
And now, his life is quite strikingly different. “Overall I would say I am calmer, more in tune with existence, and more capable of adapting to change as a result of my work with Sandi.”

I’m so proud of and I’m so grateful I get
to do this work.