Awakening The Divine Feminine and Reviews
I love getting reviews and testimonials. It just really helps me understand how the client experiences the services. In this episode I talk about Emily’s Testimonial. Take a listen.
I also discuss the Awakening The Divine Feminine workshop, what it looks like and how the four weeks will go.

Awakening The Divine Feminine

Read Emily’s Testimonial

Prior to meeting Sandi, I had never experienced the effects of reiki before. I knew it was a type of spiritual, energy healing practice but had assumed this practice needed to be done in person with a palm reading or something of that sort. So I had no idea what to expect!

But boy was I assuming incorrectly…

I met Sandi virtually for an energy scan. In this session, she utilized reiki to see where there were blockages occurring in my psyche. I want to disclose this before I go into the details- she didn’t know ANYTHING about me personally besides my name and that I owned a virtual assistant business.

Sandi started describing herself and what she helped her clients with. As she was talking, my chest started to feel heavy, like a weight was being pressed down on it and it started feeling warm. I asked her if that had anything to do with my energy scan…

She goes, “Yeah that’s me! I started the scan when I started explaining what I do.”

I was mind blown! I had no idea I’d feel anything, let alone this weight where she was currently scanning and finding blockages!

It only took her a few minutes to ‘diagnose’ where my energy was off balance. I can’t even begin to explain how amazingly SPOT ON she was. It was like she was in the inner workings of my brain or something!

She first noted what areas I wasn’t having issues with and what was in sync. She said I was a good communicator and purposeful with my words, grounded, and open to new ideas – all which are very true.

Then she said there were 2 places in particular that she sensed my energy was off balance. One was with my self-confidence (something I have ALWAYS struggled with but don’t tell many people about), and one was a conversation I had been putting off with my husband. Now she said the issue with my significant other wasn’t about a fight, but a conversation we kept coming back to and never resolved.

Now, she didn’t even KNOW I had a husband, much less that we needed to have a serious conversation about something that seemed unsolved!

I literally couldn’t believe it…I was not at all expecting to get that kind of insight from a 3 minute scan! That’s the reason I felt the weight on my chest, that’s where she found my energy blockage. This scan helped me to realize that I needed to work on self-love and have that conversation with my husband to solve the ongoing conversation.

This energy scan was such a unique experience. I would love to work with reiki in the future, I think it can be really beneficial and eye opening for people. I can definitely see how gifted and talented Sandi is and have no doubt she’s able to help her clients move toward a spiritually centered future.

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