Sitting With Myself

There are things I talk about without actually talking about. I want to share with you a bit of myself today.

I am a very private person and I don’t share much . I am an empath and a very strong one. I feel others emotions and physical pains. It used to be hard to tell the difference between my own and others.

I also from time to time go numb from all personal feelings. Part of suffering from depression.

I always preach sit with your emotions and sit with the negative. Today I was driving home and a song hit my emotional buttons out of nowhere. It’s a song I listen to all the time. Today it made me think of something going on in the world and I got hyper emotional.

Today I felt my own emotions, sadness, anger and then somewhat sullen. What I chose to do next is what I always talk about. I sat with these feelings and felt them. How they feel in my heart, in my body and mind. I am not trying to figure out why I am feeling because I already know, I am human.

I relax and let it go. I didn’t let it consume me, I didn’t let if drag me down. I sat and was actually happy for the experience and reminder that I feel and that is truly a beautiful gift.

Take a time out when you need it and sit with yourself. Don’t overthink, just exist.

Much love