What it means to ”fail”

What is failing really? How do you feel when things don’t go the way you planned? Let’s try to change the perspective and grow.

We can all admit “failing” feels awful and down right yucky. We try something new and it just doesn’t work or create the outcome we desired.

But what if you never actually “failed” at anything?

How would you feel if you never thought or felt like you “failed” ever again?

Every “failure” is a learning experience. If a child came to you upset because the failed what would you say to them? My response is notoriously “what did you learn”?

Think of a time you feel you failed and apply this thought process and see how it changes your perceptions of the outcome. The outcome is realizing you indeed did not fail, but you had a learning experience.

Let me know how this works for you!

Much Love,