It’s been awhile since I posted. I hope you had a lovely Samhain.

Something I, as an adult, have struggled with is taking a time out when it is needed. The last few weeks have been crazy and emotionally taxing.

There are projects half started and ideas for projects that are still just that, ideas. As the holidays get nearer those projects need to get finished and my schedule will get fuller.

What to do when we are overwhelmed, especially during the holiday time is remind ourselves to take a break here and there. Put aside things that are not high priority, take a bath, self care rituals even the smallest ones can bring a sense of relief.

I love listening to my podcasts while drinking my coffee and putting my makeup on in the morning. I have also cut back on the amount of yoga classes I am teaching and how many spiritual sessions I am scheduling.

Just remember to take it easy on yourself. We can only do so much over an extended amount of time. It’s ok to rest, you’re not lazy, it’s ok to say no, you’re not being selfish. Recharge yourself.

Much love,

HP Rev. Sage Moonmaiden