Just Enjoying the Moment

Retrograde of planets seriously kicked my butt last week. I have been just feeling short tempered and down at the same time. I have lessened my caffeine , my sugar and other stressors during this time to help relieve some of the stress. I have a job that if I don’t look like a Disney Princess I get sent home because my bitch face says I am stressed.

So what did I do about it? Well This passed weekend I went home and I did allow myself to rest but not become stuck. I get stuck on the couch trying to breathe through anxiety. So I moved around. Took deep breathes and I moved slow but I moved. I cleaned my room up, did laundry, even painted. I stood up and just swayed side to side and got a little movement going before picking a task.

I can do this and I will not let my mood be swayed by something impractical, because while I am a witch, I am also practical. I believe in the magic of the earth and energy but I am also not going to blame planets for my feelings. I take control over myself and start to change the outcome of my day.

Today after a weekend of doing not much other than swaying and breathing I feel pretty good and at peace. Allow yourself to enjoy small movements and moments. Not each victory is a huge step forward. Todays card of the day was perfect. Check it out below

Slow but Steady