What do you get when I certify you?

So I know it seems like you can certified cheap these days if you shop around for anything. When I got certified over 20 years ago the price is what I currently charge today. I did not get the extra add-ons I offer you but it was in person classes and we learned a lot. That being said, what do you get when I certify you?

Well you don’t get a prerecorded course that you have to learn on your own. Nothing wrong with these courses because I too offer some this way. I find that when you are learning something as amazing as energy healing techniques you should be able to talk face to face and see my hands move. I love to ask questions to my students. I want to make sure you understand and can use this way of healing in everyway imaginable.

I also go into great detail about the body and the chakras. Reiki Level 1 you will learn about the chakras and how they will help you in your healing to tell a story of what the person is experiencing. Reiki Level 2 You will dive further into the chakras learning about the chakra traumas. These two things will take you further than any other offered Reiki certification.

I also like to see my students have the confidence they need to try it on others. I will help you every step of the way so you are confident you are correct in your practice.

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I am really excited to see and hear from you soon. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions you may have at: sandi@theliminalsoulhealing.com